X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy


Thermo Scientific K-Alpha XPS

-  Equipped with a 180° double focussing hemispherical analyser-128-channel detector

-  Microfocussed monochromated Al X-ray source

-  Surface specific analysis (typically between 2 and 8 monolayers)

-  Quantitative elemental analysis from Li – U, ca. 0.1 at%

-  Chemical bonding information

-  Analysis area 30 – 400 μm

-  A combined low energy / ion flood source for charge neutralisation

-  An EX06 argon ion source for depth profiling

-  Multi sample stage (max sample size 55 x 55 mm; max sample height of 20 mm)

thermo kalpha3 1926x1445

The Thermo K-alpha XPS instrument


thermo kalpha4 1928x1446

Interior of the Thermo K-alpha XPS instrument