Dr Colin Johnston


OMCS Manager

Dr Colin Johnston is Director of commercial and industrial services for the Department of Materials, University of Oxford and manager of Oxford Materials Characterisation Service. Colin holds a senior research fellowship in the Department of Materials, University of Oxford where he is active in research and development of novel materials solutions for high temperature and high reliability electronics packaging and energy storage materials. Colin is co-chair of the HITEN and HiTEC international conferences on high temperature electronics. He has over 100 peer reviewed publications with an h-index of 23.

Colin gained his Ph.D. in surface science and catalysis at Dundee University in 1987. He then went on to work for AEA Technology for 14 years working in diverse areas of materials research and development including pioneering work on the production of cvd diamond devices and novel ceramic thermal management solutions exploited in the Japanese auto industry. He has over 20 years experience in technology translation and exploitation of university research most recently through his leadership role in the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network. Colin has participated in EU framework research programmes for over 25 years and is currently an evaluator and arbitrator for the Space Technologies Programme.

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