Thermogravimetric Analysis


Perkin Elmer Pyris1 TGA

-  Use for determining weight loss with temperature

-  Sample atmosphere can be either static or dynamic

-  Nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide, air, oxygen, or other inert or reactive gases can be used

-  Analyses done at normal or reduced pressures

-  Temperature Range: Subambient to 1000°C; Scanning Rates: 0.1°C/minute to 200°C/minute; Temperature Precision: ±2°C

-  Balance Tare: Reproducible to ±2 µg; Sensitivity: 0.1 µg 

-  Accuracy: Better than 0.02%; Precision: 0.001%

-  Capacity: 1300mg

-  Hang-down Wires High temperature quartz, nichrome, or platinum

-  Sample Pans Standard Furnace: Platinum or Ceramic with capacity of 60 µL

-  Cooling 1000°C to 40°C in less than 15 minutes under normal operation

tga decomp