BET Surface Area Analysis

BET Surface Area Analysis

Based on the physical adsorption of gas molecules on a solid surface and the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) theory, this is a technique that can be used to estimate surface area of materials.

Micromeritics Gemini VII BET surface area analyser

-  Can be used to estimate surface area by BET, mesopore and micropore distribution analyses and isotherm studies. 

-  Rapid twin-tube setup

-  Single and Multipoint BET surface area

-  Langmuir surface area

-  Pore volume and pore area distributions in the mesopore and macropore ranges by the BJH method using a variety of thickness equations including a user-defined, standard isotherm

   Specific: 0.01 m2/g and higher
   Total: 0.1 m2 and higher, +\- 0.03 m2
   Pore volume: 4 x 10-6 cm3/g and higher

-  Pore volume (distribution and total pore volume) in a user-defined pore size range

-  Micropore distribution by the MP-method and total micropore volume by the t-Plot and as Plot methods

- Halsey, Harkins-Jura, Carbon Black STSA, Broekhoff-de Boer and user-entered thickness curves

bet isotherm
bet bjh pore size distribution