Tabletop SEM - TM3000



The TM3000 makes electron microscopy much more accessible. This easy-to-use microscope is ideal for fast, hassle free imaging and analysis of your samples. With a brief training session, users can access the microscope to investigate their samples further.

Accessories currently available:

- Low vacuum mode - for analysing non-conductive samples

- High sensitivity semiconductor BSE detector

- Bruker Quantax 70 EDS

- Cold Stage

- Tilt/Rotate Stage

Follow this link to watch a video on the ease of use and operation of the TM3000.

TM3000 Specifications

Magnification range 
15x - 30.000x 

About 30nm 

Depth of field 

Images contain compositional and topographical information
The annular multi-segmented detector used in the TM3000 shows contrast due to different average atomic numbers of materials in the specimen, and also topographical (shape) details of the sample.

Sample Size
Samples with a diameter of up to 70mm, and a height of 50mm, can be loaded and investigated with the extended stage movement range (35mm in X and Y).

Simple to use
Auto-start, Auto-focus, Auto-brightness and Auto-contrast make it a "see & shoot" system.

Digital imaging
All images are saved on the computer for easy access. 

New Image Shift functionality 
Possibility to electronically shift the observation area by ±50µm without need to move the stage allows ease of navigation around your sample at high magnification.

Built-in measurement functions 
Allows dimensional information to be acquired quickly and easily.

Dual accelerating voltages 
Selection between 5kV and 15kV provides greater flexibility in imaging and analysis of your samples:

- 5kV enhances the surface structure and optimises imaging on "soft" materials

- 15kV allows high-resolution topographical and / or compositional imaging. Furthermore, when TM3000 is equipped with the optional EDS package, 15kV support comprehensive EDS analysis of your sample, producing elemental compostional mapping data with automatic reporting.

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