Particle size separation by centrifugal sedimentation with size analysis by light scattering.

CPS Disc Centrifuge

The CPS Disc Centrifuge is an effective analytical tool for ultra-high resolution, high accuracy measurement of particle size distribution. Highly poly-dispersed particles can be measured in the size range of ~2.0nm to ~75 microns depending on density.


-  Extremely high resolution with clean separation of narrow peaks that differ in size by as little as 2%

-  Able to detect and measure very small and subtle changes/differences in particle size

-  Ability to measure/monitor nano-particle coating thickness

-  Very high sensitivity, with a minimum detection limit below 10-8gram active sample for narrow peaks

-  Highly reproducible results; the typical 95% confidence range for reported peak sizes in replicate analyses is +/-1% or better

-  Dynamic range capability >1000 for measurement of broad and multimodal distributions

-  Measurement of particles of virtually any density, including those less than the density of the fluid in which they are suspended, using a unique analysis method developed by CPS (US Patent 5,786,898)

-  Wide range of presentation options, including multiple distribution overlays, linear or log scaling, averaging of multiple distributions, subtraction of one distribution from another and many more

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