Services in Detail

Materials Characterisation

Investigating the properties of a material such as:

  • Structure / microstructure
  • Composition
  • Mechanical strength
  • Thermal behavior
  • Surface reactivity

-to help the customer make well informed decisions such as:

  • Suitable raw materials
  • Effect of processing
  • Compatibility with other materials
  • Efficiency of manufacturing process.

Provision of Data Only

When access to instrumentation is all that is required, OMCS provide a ‘Data Only’ service which provides the customer with the specific raw data requested.

Routine Quality Control Analysis

For companies who don’t have the space or initial capital for instrumentation to carry out quality control analysis, OMCS is at hand to do the analysis or help optimize the process.


OMCS has a number of materials experts capable of assisting in any materials issue.

Training for Customers to use Facilities

OMCS provides training on in-house instruments for companies who wish to avail of these instruments on a regular basis.

Collaborative Research Projects

OMCS is committed to keeping up to date with materials research so as to continue to provide the best service to our industrial clients working at the forefront of ground- breaking technologies.

Access to Wider Materials Networks and Capabilities

Situated within the Department of Materials at Oxford University, OMCS, has access to other facilities and networks within the University that could be of benefit to the customer.