Perkin Elmer Diamond DSC with Hyper DSC

DSC Capabilities

  • Double furnace, Heat Flow DSC
  • Heating and Cooling rates up to 5000C/min
  • Power-compensation yields higher sensitivity increases the ability to detect weak transitions.
  • True Isothermal measurements
  • Use for determining phase transitions/ melting points/thermal transitions/ etc
  • Atmosphere Static or dynamic, including nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide, air, oxygen or other inert or active gases, over full temperature range. Oxygen can be used up to 730°C which allows easy cleaning.
  • Temperature Range -100°C to 300°C (-170 to 1000oC); Accuracy ±0.1°C; Precision ±0.01°C
  • Calorimetry Accuracy < ±1%; Precision < ±0.1%; Sensitivity 0.2 µW; Dynamic Range 0.2 µW to 800 mW