Contact and Non-Contact Profilometry

Veeco DekTak 6M stylus profiler Print E-mail
  • measures step heights on any surface,
  • programmable stylus force down to 1 milligram
  • Z-height capability from 1 Angstrom to 1 millimeter
  • Scan lengths to 25 mm
  • Measure surface roughness, waviness, texture
μSurf Nanofocus - confocal optical profiler Print  
  • 3D optical measurement system based on whitelight confocal microscopy
  • measure optically complex surface structures while maintaining high vertical and lateral resolution
Omniscan MicroXAM 5000B 3d ADE Phase shift interference contrast optical profiler    
  • Non-contact profiler
  • Measures step heights from less than a nanometer (.001 micron, or 10 Angstrom) up to millimeters!
  • 3-D surface mapping
  • Quantitative, visual and confocal modes using optical interferometry
  • NIST traceable correlation
  • Calculation of peak, plateau, summit and valley surface statistics including analysis of of peak, plateau, summit and valley surface characteristics
  • Fourier and autocovariance analysis and surface filtering
  • Interactive zoom
  • X-Y and line segment profiles
  • 3D wire, hybrid and solid plots
  • Area difference plot for step height measurement
  • Fourier analysis for visualizing and characterizing periodic structures in surface maps
  • Stitching of measurements to form a large scale, high-density map